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  • How We Work

    Our way of work is very convenient. First we take brief to clients what client’s needs requirements related to designs. After that our designing team work on design according to clients necessities and requirements and clients company their motive about design, what kind of product they want to show in the stall, what message clients want to convey to their customer about their company, about their new technology, product etc. When design team creates design they remember the design should be up the mark according to clients and design should be practical and always consider design technicalities. After approved design that design forward to our specialized fabrication team or production team they start construction on site available space, according to design which given by designing team, our fabrication team construct design on site as it is design approved by clients. Our all pixelmate team are very experienced, specialized team in Delhi. We have delivered stall as we committed before to clients. Our service providing structure is very unique, simple, and easy to manage.

  • Our Skills

    Exhibition Stall Design
    Exhibition  Stall Fabrication
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  • Fun Facts About Us

    11 Members Are Musicians

Our Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

      We have excellent stall designing and stall fabrication team in Delhi. We know the value of team work in our industry. Our team whether its designing team or fabrication they are expert in their own work. Our designing team always designs creative ,innovative designs for clients as according their needs and requirements and their company product demands, we always consider motive of clients who going in exhibition , expo, events etc with design which created by our designing team. In all process fabrication is most important work, our fabrication team always fabricate stall according to design which provided by our designing team. Our fabrication team always fabricate very cleanly and neatly. We always maintain coordination between designing team and fabrication or production team, because I know very well team work is very important for our exhibition industry.

    • Lead by Example

      Our expert and experienced pixelmate team stalls designing and stall fabrication team always concerns about future. Our pixelmate team has excellent and bright future. Our work is indicators of our company performance and efficiency at past, present, future. Our way of work is unique, creative and fully professional.

    • Focus on the Future

      Nothing is impossible, as long as you have a rich imagination and innovation. Let’s make innovation a habit and involved it in all aspects of our work. Our innovations and creativeness thinking is only thing who inspiring our pixelmate team for doing work with very efficiently and unique and eye catching way. Our designing team always thinks about new ideas for stall, new themes which give our stall design and our designing services unique creations, unique ideology and unique design from other designing companies.

    • Be Respectful

      We are reputed stall designing and Fabrication Company in Delhi. We have 7 years experience in this exhibition industry. In these 7 years we have achieve reputed and respected position in exhibition industry. In past few years we had been creating our reputation with our excellent work and our fabulous client’s services.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

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    • Strive for Excellence

       “Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” 

      We are pixelmate. An exhibition stall designer and stall fabrication services in Delhi. Our profession always demands for creativity, innovations and excellence in our work whether its designing work or fabrication work. We are working as a co- ordinate team in Delhi. As a reputed company we always strive for excellence in our work. Excellence is our company’s strength.

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